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From Pill Mill Monitor:

Paula Deen made worldwide news 
when she announced that she has 
Type-2 Diabetes.
Victoza was first widely publicized and marketed when southern chef Paula Deen made the announcement that she is a diabetic. Simultaneous with her announcement, Deen endorsed Victoza, saying that the drug has helped her control her diabetes.

But what Deen didn’t know was that Victoza comes with a hefty warning that patients can develop thyroid cancer while taking the drug.

Weight Loss in a “Little Blue Pen”

Nearly two months after Deen’s not so shocking admission, she now says she has lost weight and dropped two sizes thanks to Victoza. That’s surprising, seeing as how Deen was photographed shortly after her announcement eating a very large cheeseburger while on a cruise. But part of Deen’s weight loss could also be due to the fact that she has cut her portion sizes in half and has started walking for 30 minutes a day.

While patients taking Victoza have reported experiencing a decreased appetite, the drug's ability to cause weight loss is difficult to predict. Victoza manufacturer Novo Nordisk says that weight loss is just one of the many “beneficial” side effects of the drug. Less talked about are the dangerous side effects of Victoza, which include thyroid cancer, pancreatitis, and severe stomach problems.

Although Victoza is only approved to treat Type-2 diabetes, some critics of the drug are concerned that doctors could legally prescribe it to patients who are borderline diabetic to help them lose weight and fend off diabetes. But whether the benefits of the drug outweigh its dangerous risks remains to be seen.

Similar Dangerous Diabetes Drugs

Other diabetes drugs that are being praised for their weight loss inducing side effects include Byetta, Bydureon, and Januvia. Yet all of these drugs come with warnings of serious side effects similar to those of Victoza.

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