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A hug is duct tape for the soul.

Lumosity is a fascinating site. We've written about it before. The site partners with researchers at Stanford, UCSF, Harvard, and Columbia, among other prestigious universities, and also works with numerous health care organizations to provide cognitive training services.
 I've played brain games on the site for a few years now, and, in addition to finding them fun, I believe they provide measurable brain benefits. You can target specific mental processes that you want to improve, and work on forming new brain cells by exercising your brain in certain ways. (No matter what brain exercises you select to concentrate on, do not neglect physical exercise. Get that blood flowing to the brain and you will only increase the benefits you will receive from exercising your brain.)
From the Lumosity newsletter:
Earlier this year, Lumosity introduced The Human Cognition Project, our groundbreaking effort to bring together scientists from 25 of the top neuroscience programs in the world.
We'd like to take this moment to remind our members of the flurry of scientific activity going on behind the scenes. Collaborators from institutions such as Stanford, Berkeley and Harvard are all pitching in with their own research projects, contributing towards the larger goal of crafting the most effective cognitive training programs in the world. There are over 35 research projectsrunning right now.
Members who play our games may not realize how much research, development, and testing goes on behind the scenes. We share our database on human cognition—the largest in the world—with university partners in order to broaden the scope of research possibilities. Researchers are actively exploring data collected from 15 million Lumosity users to better understand the determinants of cognitive performance and cognitive enhancement — all in an effort to make the world a smarter place.
Make sure you're a part of The Human Cognition Project: subscribe now to train with all 35+ games and donate your data to the scientific community! Although subscriptions cost a reasonable amount, if you can't pay to play right now, the Lumosity site also has several brain games you can play for free. Well worth a visit.
You can learn more at the Lumosity blog

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