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A hug is duct tape for the soul.

From Tecca:
An app and a unique pair of shoes are designed to help Alzheimer's caretakers
A new line of high-tech shoes could alleviate a very real problem for Alzheimer's and dementia patients who lose their way, whether wandering away from home or beyond the safety of an assisted living facility.
The shoes, made by GTX Corp., enable location-savvy real-time tracking, thanks to a GPS chip and cellular device embedded within the shoe itself. They can transmit location data directly to authorized parties (like loved ones or caretakers), who will be able to pinpoint their location through a new smartphone app designed to work in tandem with the shoes.
The shoes will also be capable of "geofencing": family members can actually map the boundaries of a safe area, and then receive alerts when their loved one wanders beyond the approved zone. 
GPS-capable shoes offer a clear advantage over other kinds of tracking devices (phones, wristbands, etc.) that serve the same purpose, since the shoes would be on the tracked individual at all times — ideally at least. Dementia sufferers would be far more likely to remember to put on the special pair of shoes than incorporating an accessory into their everyday routine. 

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