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A hug is duct tape for the soul.

Here's an online book you might find helpful. It's the TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY SURVIVAL GUIDE by Dr. Glen Johnson, Clinical Neuropsychologist.

Here's what Dr. Johnson has to say about the book:
This online book came from materials that I wrote for my patients and their family members. I basically used a copy machine and gave copies away for free. This book became very popular and over a thousand copies have been given out. It costs about $6 to copy the book another $3 to $4 to mail to people. The costs and time to send the books got out of hand. I decided not to publish the book. Few people would have access to the material and I would not be able to "update" or improve the material easily. Using the Internet, anyone with a computer could access this information. It is my sincere hope that the Internet version of my book would help the greatest number of people. Go to each chapter heading and click on it. Use your web browser to print any information that you find helpful. There is no charge for the information you copy.
And here is the Table of Contents:
  • Common Indicators of a Head Injury
  • How the Brain is Hurt
  • Understanding How the Brain Works
  • Coping with Common Problems:
Problems Getting Organized
Getting Overloaded
Sleep Disorders
Anger and Depression
  • Dealing with Doctors
  • Family Members: What You Can Do In the Hospital
  • Emotional stages of Recovery
  • Returning to School
  • When Will I Get Better?
  • Who Are All These Professionals?
Click here to check out the Traumatic Brain Injury Survival Guide.

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