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A hug is duct tape for the soul.

Since Jack was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, we've added that to topics that we blog about here on the TBI Blog. For new readers who might not be familiar with Parkinson's, here is a brief intro to the disease:

From Parkinson’s disease is one of the most common degenerative brain disorders today. It was previously called as “shaky palsy” when Dr. James Parkinson identified the disease in 1817. It was called as “shaky palsy” because of the characteristic sign of shakiness among people suffering from the said disease.

Parkinson’s disease occurs when the brain cells progressively injures and degenerates. When this happens, our brain cells die and lose function. The exact cause of this disease in unknown however, many scientists point out to its connection to genetics and environmental factors.


Difficulty moving and loss of movement coordination is a common symptom Parkinson’s Disease. This is due to the loss of Dopamine which is responsible for many of our gross and fine motor skills. This is most evident when a person walks in a shuffling gait.

Shakiness and tremors are also common symptoms of PD. This is the most common early sign of PD and may occur initially in the fingers, hands, arms and may progress to the face, jaw and legs.

Muscle stiffness is also one of the cardinal signs of PD which may leave a patient with PD unable to move his or her arms and legs altogether.


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