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From The Daily Mail:
When Su Meck was knocked out by a falling ceiling fan, she woke up a week later with a total memory loss.

She was 22 and bringing up two young sons in Gaithersburg, Maryland - but had the brain of a four-year-old when she regained consciousness in hospital and had to relearn everything, including how to dress herself and feed herself and even how to love her husband.

A scan of her brain showed it was full of cracks and her husband described it as 'like shaken jelly'.

The injury left her with complete retrograde amnesia, the inability to remember the past, a condition sometimes called Hollywood amnesia because it seldom happens outside the movies.

In fact, though extremely rare in real life, it is surprisingly common in the film world.

By 1926, at least 10 silent films that used amnesia as a plot device had been made; more recent productions include the Bourne franchise, First 50 Dates and Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind.

The condition causes the loss of memories to conscious recollection, beyond normal forgetfulness.

The person may be able to memorise new things but is unable to recall some or all of their life or identity prior to the onset.

Mrs Meck's case was extreme. She didn't recognise her husband or her children, she couldn't read or do very much for herself and she could speak only a few words and phrases.

But she had two babies to look after, so she had to start learning everything again - and fast, website Gizmodo reports.

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