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Jack Sisson's TBI Blog

A hug is duct tape for the soul.

Interested in chatting with other TBI survivors?

The Broken Brain - Brilliant Mind blog, operational since 2007, lists five missions on its "About" page. These include numerous objectives familiar to many bloggers on the topic, but my favorite is the last, mission #5:
To celebrate my successful long-term survival from a TBI and show others how I did it... and how I continue to do it, so they can have hope and, in the words of Winston Churchill, "Never, ever, ever give up!"
That really is the key, isn't it?

But it's hard to remember. The biggest hurdle you have to get over when you decide to "never give up": the fear that you're on your own -- that every barrier you encounter, every hoop you must jump through, every trick your mind plays on you, is uniquely yours. You think you must be brave, and you think you must go it alone. Your family and friends, well, you're already putting them through so much, right? Your doctors, physical therapists, and other specialists, true -- you pay them to help you. But realistically, you can't expect them to be on call 24x7, 365 days a year... let alone forever. (And you couldn't afford it, even if they offered.)

So what do you do with the frustration and the fear? Bottle it up?

The best thing to do with it: share it with others who've been there or are on the way. No matter what your problem, TBI or anything else, you are not -- in having that problem -- 100% unique. Someone else has encountered it. Someone else has learned to live with it. Someone has researched it. And even if you're housebound, physically or psychologically, there's always a way to hook up with those people.

BB, of Broken Brain - Brilliant Mind, has an idea whose time is now: an online chat.
The Give Back Traumatic Brain Injury community has a chat feature. Would anyone out there be interested in setting up a time to chat live about TBI recovery?

Sunday mornings (say 9-10 a.m. Eastern Time – GMT-5) are generally good for me. Anybody else interested in chatting at that time next week, Sunday the 13th of March?
You may already know that March is National Brain Injury Awareness Month here in the US. Why not drop BB a line and sign up? Because the first step in truly never, ever giving up is... the first step you take with someone else.

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