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From Top News:

A recently conducted research by experts at the National Institutes of Health has reported that talking on a cell phone for 50 minutes can change cell activity in your brain. Though, it is not yet clear whether the increased activity ends up causing damage.

Talking about the study, one of the authors Dr. Nora Volkow, NIH, informed that the study basically used glucose metabolism to show the increased cell activity in brains during the prolonged usage of cell phones. She further expressed surprise about the fact that electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones can affect activity of cells in the brain.

The report has already appeared in the publication known as the Journal of the American Medical Association.

For the study, Volkow and her colleagues assessed brain scans of people who had undergone the diagnosis after talking on the phone for 50 minutes. Researchers did not find any specific changes in brain activity. However, they did find that there was a 7% increase in brain metabolism of people in the region that was closest to the cell phone.

Talking about the research, Professor Patrick Haggard, of the University College London, felt that the conclusion of the study was quite intriguing especially as it suggested that cell phone signals did have an impact on brain activity of people. Though, he did opine that such fluctuations in the brain can even happen when people are thinking.

See original article here.

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