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A hug is duct tape for the soul.

This is a multi-faceted look at traumatic brain injuries that we highly recommend. The following is just the opening, but the page is complete with lots of information, pictures, graphs, links, etc. Please check it out.

From The Why Files:
Football, war raise specter of new brain injuries
It’s been a bad month for brains, and particularly for traumatic brain injury:

* A University of Pennsylvania football player who committed suicide at age 21 had the type of brain damage that is linked to depression and suicide in veteran pro footballers. While the cause of Owen Thomas’s suicide may never be fixed, brain damage in such a young player was a chilling reminder of the brain’s fragility.

* Although the National Football League has new rules requiring concussed players be sidelined for their protection, on Sept. 12, two Philadelphia Eagles stayed on the field, despite signs of concussion visible to millions of viewers.

* An estimated 300,000 American veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have brain injuries; some severe enough to interfere with memory, speech, thought or movement.

In national security, the national sport, and on the national highways, brains are getting banged. Some estimates say 5 million Americans have some permanent damage from a traumatic brain injury which is due to impact rather than bleeding or loss of blood flow — the causes of stroke.

Eighty two years after dementia pugilistica was diagnosed in boxers, we should not be surprised that impacts in war, car accidents and high-intensity sports are taking a toll on the thinking organ, says Robert John Dempsey, chair of neurological surgery at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “As we have improved our ability to image brains, and to diagnose dysfunction to include cognition, we have discovered deficits that may have been obvious to family members and physicians.”

Dempsey says autopsies of people who have had multiple concussions, “suggest there was a permanent injury, a disruption of axons and loss of brain substance.”

Read more.

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