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From The Mayo Clinic:

The symptoms of Parkinson's disease can vary from person to person. Early signs may be subtle and can go unnoticed. Symptoms typically begin on one side of the body and usually remain worse on that side even after symptoms begin to affect both sides. Parkinson's signs and symptoms may include:

  • Tremor. The characteristic shaking associated with Parkinson's disease often begins in a hand.
  • Slowed motion (bradykinesia). Over time, Parkinson's disease may reduce your ability to initiate voluntary movement.
  • Rigid muscles. Muscle stiffness can occur in any part of your body.
  • Impaired posture and balance. Your posture may become stooped as a result of Parkinson's disease.
  • Loss of automatic movements. Blinking, smiling and swinging your arms when you walk are all unconscious acts that are a normal part of being human.
  • Speech changes. Many people with Parkinson's disease have problems with speech.
  • Dementia. In the later stages of Parkinson's disease, some people develop problems with memory and mental clarity.

When to see a doctor
See your doctor if you have any of the symptoms associated with Parkinson's disease — not only to diagnose the illness but also to rule out other causes for your symptoms.

Read more.

The Mayo Clinic site has a lot of good information about Parkinson's Disease and its causes, risks, complications, treatment, etc. You might want to check it out.

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Hey I am Jenny and my best friend is a TBI survivor. I am trying to contact the owner of this blog to help one of my best friends Doctor named Dr. Ivanhoe is trying to start a Renaissance project to help people with TBI in many ways! She is trying to get a grant from the pepsi refresh project to get this project on the right path. You can read more about it at

You can help us by voting everyday, and passing on the word.
Here is what I wrote in my own blog:

Hey everyone please do me a favor! My best friend who has a TBI from a boating accident and I are rallying for a great cause. It is for my best friends Doctor named dr. Ivanhoe.. She is trying to get enough votes to win money for her cause on Pepsi refresh project. Most of her paitients are low income due to a horrible accident they went through. it is only a few mins of the day everyday this month and you could be helping give money to a deserving cause. The only thing you will loose is only mins a day, so it is a win win situation Vote and spread the word. Feel free to post the website and anything useful on your fb, myspace, twitter, webpage, send info to work buddies, church buddies, and such to help us spread the word. Go to
it explains what she wanted to do. Trust me it is a worthy cause *vote everyday* and *spread the word* thanks guys!

If you can post a blog for us we would be so grateful! We need a lot of votes and support from everyone! God bless and thank you so much!
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