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From CBS 7, Odessa, Texas:
For years football players have taken pride in toughness, choosing to keep playing no matter what injury they face.

But as the NFL changes its tune by tightening up treatment of concussions, the move is having a ripple effect down to the lower levels.

Whether it's Jason Witten's head hitting the ground or a gridiron star from Odessa, Midland, or Monahans, the danger of sustaining a concussion is a common thread.

So the NFL is tightening its treatment of concussions and so is the YMCA, making sure everyone sees the signs of a brain injury.

"Signs of a concussion would include memory loss, loss of consciousness, even if they act normal, but the fact that they had loss of consciousness means they at least have a concussion", says Dr. Richard Bartlett, of Odessa’s Permian Prompt Care.

Concussions occur when the head is jarred so hard, that the brain moves around inside the skull.

While helmet technology has improved over the years, the risk of a concussion is still there. That's why the YMCA requires that all of the coaches on their fields be certified in concussion detection and management.

"We've had to go through comprehensive video training and then we also have to pass a test when it comes to identifying and knowing what to do", says youth coach Jose Gaona.

Gaona says the National organization, USA Football, is doing a lot. Through PSAs, posters and symptom charts they're pushing awareness and action.
Read the rest of the article.

For a wealth of information on concussions in football visit the USA Football website by following this link:

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