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With summer upon us, we are sure to see children engaged in sports and recreational play such as baseball, soccer, bike riding, Rollerblading, swimming and skate boarding. This should raise the issue of safety for our children and our need to be aware of hazards and preventions.

An estimated one million children in this country sustain a Traumatic Brain Injury each year. Every 21 seconds, a head injury occurs in the U.S. The majority of these are called concussions.

A concussion is a brain injury in which the skull has not been broken. The brain can be injured from the inside by banging and bouncing against skull walls which can cause bruising, tissue tears, swelling, and chemical changes. Often, x-rays and brain scans will not detect the damage. However, the impact on a child's functioning can be drastic.

Common after effects of significant concussion injuries to children can include: Problems with attention and concentration, memory and learning, frustration and irritability. These may not show up immediately but may develop as weeks and months pass and chemical changes take place in the brain. These can be misdiagnosed as attention deficit hyperactive disorder and more recently the trend of bipolar disorder in children.
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