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This article from The Miami Herald makes my blood boil. There is no excuse, after all this time, for the Veteran's Administration to continue dropping the ball like this.
Nearly 30,000 veterans have suffered some kind of traumatic brain injury in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, an estimated 2,000 of them severe enough to put the warriors into comas or leave them with severe disabilities. Yet more than eight years after the invasion of Afghanistan, testimony before Congress shows that veterans still suffer yawning gaps in coverage for what's become the conflicts' signature wound.

"It requires someone screaming and fighting on behalf of that soldier," said Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina, the top Republican on the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee.

Many veterans and family members say that veterans with consistent help - a spouse or parent, usually - are best able to navigate the system. Others are left scrambling to seek assistance.

"There's almost a culture of no at the VA," Burr said.

"For the average service member or family member that asks, 'Can we do this?' the automatic answer is no," he said. "Can we get that service locally? No. Can we go to an outside rehabilitation facility? No."
It's especially reprehensible considering these injuries were received while the patients were serving our country in a war. Definitely worth calling or writing Congress about. Let them know that our vets deserve better, much better, than this!

Read the entire article.

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