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From Norwich Bulletin:
Over the past 30 years, the number of women participating in team sports has steadily increased. Many now begin as young girls and continue through college and into the professional ranks. While this expanded involvement has been a positive step, the number of catastrophic injuries in women has also risen.

During the 1982-83 academic year — the first time period data was collected — only one female catastrophic injury was recorded. Over the past 28 years, there has been an average of 8 1/2 catastrophic injuries per year reported in females.

Among the catastrophic injuries most commonly seen is mild traumatic brain injury in the form of concussions. Concussions can span all three classifications of catastrophic injury. Typical symptoms include headache, dizziness and inability to concentrate.

A recent study reviewed 1,425 patients who had suffered concussions and looked at the severity of post-concussion symptoms three months after injury. The severity of symptoms was significantly greater in females. Specifically, the symptoms were most severe in women of childbearing age. This suggests a possible association between concussions and hormonal balance.

Women are believed to under-report concussions and render themselves susceptible to repeat injury. Multiple head injuries can lead to prolonged cognitive impairment.
Read article.

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