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A hug is duct tape for the soul.

We've talked a great deal on this blog about how tragic it is that it's taken a horrible war to increase public awareness of traumatic brain injury (TBI). The Iraq War has sent hundreds of our military home with TBI's, numbers high enough that traumatic brain injury has been dubbed "the signature wound" of the war. We are, of course, glad that more and more people now know about TBI and its devastating effects on its victims, their families and caregivers. But it is profoundly sad that this knowledge has come with such a painful price. Here's another article that would not have been written if we were not at war in Iraq:
One of the increasing problems that some soldiers returning from Iraq are having to deal with are brain injuries. We’ve heard a lot in the news about their having post-traumatic stress disorder, but an increasing number of soldiers are also having problems associated with traumatic brain injury. Soldiers hurt on the battlefields are not the only people who can sustain brain injuries, but their increasing numbers are creating an increased awareness of TBIs.

A TBI also can be caused by an automobile accident, a fall, physical abuse, a sports accident, an aneurysm, carbon monoxide poisoning, a stroke, substance abuse or birth defects. An estimated 1.5 million Americans suffer a brain injury each year, and this number far exceeds the number of people who have multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, HIV/AIDS and breast cancer combined. As a matter of fact, there are approximately 5.3 million people who are living with some type of disability that has been caused by a brain injury.

When a person has a TBI, he/she can have physical, cognitive, emotional, psychological, functional, behavioral and/or social changes present - and each person has different symptoms with varying degrees of severity. Because of the complexity of the brain, and the many different aspects of an individual’s physical and behavioral wellness that are affected.
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The fact is currently the medical establishment does not understand much about the brain. We, as a society, know very well how to cover up the problem with medications and insuring that the individual will not recover. To me the idea is bogus!

I have recovered from a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury and I know how to replicate the results with 100% effectiveness. No two brain injuries are the same but it is also true that no two fractures of a bone are the same either but we know how to heal a broken bone and I know how to recover (from first hand experience) from brain injuries. Ironically enough I’ve never broken a bone!

My name is Jerry and I was recently reprimanded at my job. I worked for a non profit organization in founded to help people with brain injuries, when they got word that I was telling people that it was very possible to recover from brain injuries I was approached by two corporate managers about how it was impossible to recover from brain injuries and they politely asked me to not speak of these “Lies”.

I complied until one of the corporate managers told me that it was the Brain Injury Association of this state that filed a formal complaint with the director of the company when they heard that I was saying I knew how to help people actually recover. At that point I became OUTRAGED! I understood that the hospitals might not endorse the “No Brainer Recover Method” but I was under the impression that the Brain Injury Association of any state would be in support of promoting the recovery of Neural Trauma.

I have worked with some of the top minds in the field and we all agree that we should still get some more knowledge and backing in order to allow “No Brainer Productions” to get to the place in must be to reach the people that need the educations. It will take at least $15,000 to get this ship off the ground so I would like to know HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE A PART OF HISTORY? We are ready to invest the money on the 22 of July.

Any suggestion, referrals, ideas, or DONATIONS will be GREATLY appreciated!
Check out the latest on TBI from the US Air Force blog:

Posted by Captain David Faggard, Air Force PA
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