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A hug is duct tape for the soul.

Every now and then, in a burst of luck, you find something on the Web which is 100% brand-spanking-new. Thus: C. Dianne Lieber's AOL Journal, TBI The Journey Back. It's a blog (AOL's terminology game notwithstanding) first begun today, 11:30 this morning Mountain Standard Time (1:30 this afternoon, here on the East coast). From her first post, titled "The Dark of the Moon":

This begins a journey into what the medical professionals called TBI (traumatic brain injury). For 54 days I (caregiver)the Mother will try write a few experiences that left me well learned on the TBI experience. I have collected many of my thoughts and written them down into my personal journal writings and plan to later put into a book called, The Dark of the Moon. It all happened one late Thursday evening on a dark unforgiving road. Only corn fields were among the view for my son that evening. It was a motorcycle crash that left with the ending of one's life and the other with massive injuries. The story I will continue to unfold is about the TBI patient (my son) who went on the journey back to recovery. It wasn't easy and at times it felt like a nightmare, but throughout the recovery there would be many miracles.

Lying under a 3/4 full moon on a dark cold night, my son laid in a corn field for 6 1/2 hours before a farmer found him. He had a pulse and was barely alive, but one thing I have told him over and over is that 'you were spared for a reason. You, my dear boy have a lifetime to yet live, make this second chance a good one.
Hope you enjoy the writing...

Quite intense in spots, heartbreaking in others, ebullient in a few: probably a familiar range of emotions among those of you in similar situations, hmm?

Highly recommended reading, for the next 54 days or however long it takes.

Excellent post & referral. I will continue to read it for the required 54 days or more!
Thank YOU. (And I'm certain Ms. Lieber will love having you visit, too.)
All she brags about is herself and no-one else that was there to give support,LIKE OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS RE: BROTHERS, HIS FATHER, HIS EX and many more. It's all about her an attention getter to make u feel sorry for her. I can say this because I know the whole story to what all took place in that 54 DAYS!!!!! Sorry just not feeling her at this time...
Thank you for visiting our blog. No need to apologize for your comment. It sounds like you are quite close to this story and have a different perspective on it.

For our readers' information, the link in the original blog post is no longer active. We found two additional sites where Ms. Lieber posted her story:
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