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Jack Sisson's TBI Blog

A hug is duct tape for the soul.

After my accident, my pain was at 200%. I could not function, let alone direct or monitor my own treatment. The accident left me with a broken jaw, broken foot and ankle,whiplash, seat belt injuries, head aches and migraines. This pain took away my livelihood, my ability to sustain relationships, my good humor - basically my normal life. It was not until I received intensive (7 hrs./day) treatmentin crainial sacrail treatment at the Upledger Clinic that I was able to control mypain and cope with it at 50%.

So the very first step in treatment planning for TBI must be pain management.

The leading pain management centers use a broad array of therapies individually tailored to an individual patient. The four main components to these multidisciplinary approaches are:
* drugs
*injection therapies (nerve blocks)
*physical therapy & exercise
* behavioral techniques like biofeedback, relaxation training and counseling

If you are not able to travel to some of the world's leading pain management center's; Stanford, UCSF, Wasser Pain Management Center in Toronto, UC Davis, be sure to pursue Holistic Healing of the pain. Make lifestyle changes, environmental changes, get a relaxation tape, look into alternative therapies and complimentary medicine.

For a detailed list of links to holistic methods of treating pain be sure to visit the American Pain Foundation site American pain foundation.

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