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Alternative Treatment for Auto Accident Trauma

Structural Integration is a complementary medical modality
that focuses on the organizational layer of the body’s tissue
called fascia. This technique is also known as Rolfing and
Somatic Ontology. It works by applying pressure to the body,
allowing the fascia to elongate.

Sixteen years after my auto accident I continue to receive treatment
for seat belt injury to my body and organs. After a recent structural
integration treatment, I was able to twist and maneuver much better
than before. My tennis game was notably improved. I also noted that
other therapies I was receiving for TBI (myosymmitries & chiropractic)
were more effective.

Prior to structural integrative treatment my torso felt rigid and I had
difficulty breathing. The practitioner helped loosen my rib cage allowing
my diaphragm to expand fully. Focus on the upper torso is common for
the first three sessions as it frees restrictions around the rib cage and
underlying organs.

The benefits of structural integration include increased mobility, ease of
breathing, improved alignment and pain reduction. Sessions last 90 minutes.
10 sessions are the recommended course of treatment.

The following links describe the history and practice of Structural Integration.

I'm very happy to hear Structural Integration worked for you!
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