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June 12, 2005
Share Care

The most profound impact of TBI is often on the spousal union.
Oftentimes spousal roles and responsibilities drastically change,
necessitating a major life adjustment. TBI affects nearly every
aspect of an interpersonal relationship. Communication can be
a major challenge. Frequently physical relationships are affected
as TBI survivors lose their sex drive. Both the injured and their
spouse deal with intense feelings of shock, denial, anger, guilt
and depression. It takes time for a couple to adjust to new roles
and the changes in their spouse due to the injury.

A spouse or family member is the most important member of a
rehabilitation team. This caregiver often connects a TBI patient
with resources and services, which is no easy task.

The Upledger Clinic takes the caregiver position a step further
than case management, training spouses to be direct practitioners.
The Share Care 1 day seminars provide hands-on instruction in
cranial sacral massage. See Upledger’s class list here.
The therapeutic touch techniques taught in this course are used to
relieve pain and promote relaxation. Preventative medicine, through
nutrition and exercise, is also discussed.

Share Care achieves many things. It serves to empower caregivers
by literally taking part of the TBI treatment and recovery into their
own hands. So many survivors feel a sense of isolation and social
disconnect. Share Care is vital in that it provides a sense of
connectedness and serves to relieve symptoms. Share care also
saves money and time as it is an inexpensive remedy that can
occur in the patient’s own home.

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